Saturday, June 12, 2010

Half Marathon Recap

Over Memorial Day I ran my first half marathon race. My main take away after finishing....."HOLY CRAP I HAVE TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT WHOLE THING AGAIN!!"  Below is my summary of other stuff that I learned:
  • I sweat so much I can even soak a Dri-Fit shirt completely through, so I am going to have to have someone standing by during my marathon to give me a dry shirt.  My wet shirt did, however, result in my first case OF......wait for it......BLOODY NIPPLES!  FYI ---that really hurts.
  • Never run behind an old(er) dude with a flatulence issue (yes this really happened).
  • Don't let skinny little girls zooming past you screw with your mind and get you out of your race.  Swallow your pride and just keep to your pace or you will pay for it later.
  • My family is the awesomest  in the world.  They greeted me at the finish line and Tori was wearing a t-shirt that read, "He's strong , brave, and determined. He's #1 Dad!"  Among other words of encouragement (Tori's idea).
  • Nutrition is key. I skipped the energy on the last aid station and I seriously paid for it the last 2.5 miles.
  • I sleep like crap the night before a race. 
    I learned lots of other stuff, but I won't bore you with it here....

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